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Rubber slave Vanessa, who wears a pearlsheen purple rubber catsuit and fitting flap mask, is lying hogtied, blindfolded and ball-gagged on the floor when the gas mask girls, Samantha, in a black rubber mini dress, rubber gloves, rubber mask and gas mask with attached tube and sniff dildo as well as high heels and Izzy in rubber hot pants with open crotch, rubber push-up bra, rubber gloves, rubber mask and gas mask as well as fitting high heels joins her. Today they have a special treat for her rubber slave Vanessa. Both gas masked ladies touch the rubber encased body and face of their rubber slave. Then Samantha opens the zipper of Vanessa’s rubber catsuit and expose her already wet cunt. Samantha inserts the sniff dildo into her twat and inhales the scent of Vanessa’s pussy and starts to move the perforated rubber dildo rhytmically in Vanessa’s twat. Then Izzy opens the zipper of Vanessa’s flap mask. Both gas mask girls recognize that Vanessa cheated with the ball gag. Therefore Izzy has a special treatment for her rubber slave. Izzy takes place on Vanessa’s face and does some pussy smothering with Vanessa. Vanessa mouth and nose are covered with Izzy’s wet cunt while Samantha fucks her with the sniff dildo. After a while Izzy remove her gas mask, inserts her tounge in Vanessa’s mouth and kisses her. Then she makes Vanessa suck her breast nipples. After that Samantha squeezes the moistened rubber sniff dildo into Vanessa’s mouth.
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