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In the second part of this kinky rubber fuck, shower, dressing, fuck puppet video series, Barbara in pewter rubber hot pants with open crotch as well as a fitting push-up bra and Mia, completely encased in black rubber, who wears a rubber catsuit, socks, gloves, a molded rubber mask, strap-on pants and a mouth strap-on continue with their kinky rubber agenda. Barbara sucks the cock of Mia’s mouth strap-on. Then she continues to suck the strap-on cock of Mia’s rubber hot pants. After that she inserts the cock of Mia’s strap-on into her already wet pussy and is sucking the mouth strap-on while she is getting satisfied with the other strap-on, which fills her twat. Then she changes position. Mia is fucks Barbara with her mouth strap-on and Barbara sucks the cock of the Mia’s rubber strap-on pants.
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