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Diane, in a black rubber mini dress and high heels, walks to a cage which is located underneath a loft bed. In it she finds Victoria, who wears a white rubber catsuit, a black rubber corset and black high heels. Diane pulls the cage out of the bed and touches the rubber clad body of Victoria. Then Diane lifts up her tight rubber mini dress exposing her semi-shaved pussy. Diane climbs and sits on top of the cage. Victoria reaches out and fondles Diane’s pussy from inside of the cage. After the climatic moans, Diane climbs off the cage and releases Victoria. Both horny rubber girls caress each other intimately. Then Diane binds Victoria’s head and both wrists to the pillory-style, metal contraption at the end of the bed. Diane then fingers Victoria dutifully and profoundly from behind. After Victoria’s rubber climax, Diane climbs on to bed for Victoria to finger her while Victoria is still held captive in the pillory.