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Victoria, in a black rubber catsuit, black rubber mask, gloves, a second layer of transparent rubber top and short tights with frills, transparent latex gloves, a gas mask and rubber flat-heel boots and Samantha, who wears the same rubber outfit continue with their erotic rubber clinic treatment. They caress their rubber encased bodies before Samantha grips an inflatable rubber dildo and lubricate it. Then Victoria rubs Samantha’s cunt, penetrates the rubber dildo in Samantha’s pussy and inflates it. Victoria fucks Samantha with the inflated dildo in different positions. After her rubber climax, both rubber girls change roles. Now Victoria is fucked by the inflatable dildo. After Victoria climaxes, Samantha assists Victoria to close the zipper at her crotch. Then Victoria attaches a breath bag to Samantha’s gas mask before Victoria goes on the floor and Samantha empties her bladder with pleasure.